La Voie de l'Entrepreneuriat Privée (EN)
The coming lines have been written, not to make you dream, but to show you concretely, the strategic attitude that you need to adopt to successfully embrace the hazardous and passionate adventure of private entrepreneurship. You can succeed regardless of your origins, age, environment, intellectual level or social status.[div][br][/div][div] Born in January, 3rd 1980 in Ivory Coast, Hassan Hoteit went to Lebanon, his fatherland, during the last hot times of the civil war in 1987. Having to survive in midst of the rubbles of Beyrouth, creates the sense of responsability in the kid, who has intituively cultivated leadership reflexes. At just 10, he came back to Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, where he joined Scouting association. He made himself noticed with innovative ideas. From association life to the passion of private entrepreneurship, many miles have been run through..[/div]

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